Basement Finishing

Have you been dreaming about finishing your basement? Want to take that dark, musty space that serves only for storage and turn it into a new family or entertainment room? Take advantage of all the space available in your home by making those dreams a reality and converting your basement into an area that everyone in the house can enjoy, with Construction Solutions 911.


Advantages to Finishing Your Basement


  • Adds more living space—Finishing your basement is like adding another floor

      to your house without the hassle of planning and executing an addition, which can

      be expensive and time-consuming.


  • Saves energy—Unfinished basements leak a significant amount of air, meaning

      you’re stuck paying more in heating and cooling costs. However, finished basements

      are completely insulated, which saves energy by keeping cool air in during the summer

      and heat in during the winter.


  • Increases the value of your home—Most potential homebuyers are interested in

       houses with finished basements because they offer more living space and save

      on energy costs. If you’re planning to sell your home in the future, a finished

       basement is much more appealing than cold concrete.






What Construction Solutions Can Do for Your Basement


Construction Solutions 911 is ready to build a basement that fits your lifestyle needs. You tell us how you intend to use the basement, and we’ll recommend options that best suit and maximize the available space and layout. Our finishing services include first waterproofing and insulating the area for an energy-efficient and water- and mold-resistant basement. We handle all the plumbing and electrical work as well as trim and paint finishing so that every corner of your new space is done well and to your exact specifications.


Our skilled professionals have the tools, experience, and knowledge to produce high-quality work and bring your vision to life, whether you’ll use the basement as a guest bedroom, entertainment room, home gym, playroom, office, or even an apartment rental. The options are endless.


Additional Finishing Options: Floor Coatings


Floor coatings, including epoxies, are applied over concrete surfaces as a layer of protection against corrosion and damage. This increases the durability of your new basement floor by shielding against spills, cracks, heavy traffic, and general wear and tear.


You can also customize your basement floor with aesthetic coating options. Choose between different styles and colors to fit the design of your finished basement. Coatings and epoxies can also be applied under tiles, carpets, and hardwood floors.

Epoxy and Coating Application Process:


The coating process requires the proper equipment and knowledge of the application procedures. Our process involves:


  1. Scrubbing off all dirt, oil and grease stains. Then, vacuuming the remaining debris and rinsing the floor clean.

  2. Prepping the floor with a diamond grinder or sander to create a rough and porous surface for the coating to hold on to.  

  3. Priming the floor for better adhesion.

  4. Applying several coats with drying time in between. Proper ventilation and protective gear are essential.

  5. Curing the floor for 18–24 hours to allow for sufficient hardening.


Our professional process ensures your new coating is long-lasting and more effective. Advanced coating services from Construction Solutions 911 are a great finishing touch to your newly renovated basement.


Call us today to get the most out of your basement with Construction Solutions 911 professional finishing services. We’ll answer your questions and discuss the best basement finishing options for your home.

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