Basement Waterproofing

Water in your basement is a problem that should not be ignored. A small puddle here, a few cracks in the walls there, or drops of water may appear to be minor water concerns. These and other signs mean you have a water problem in your basement and are indicators of the need for a professional assessment. Construction Solutions 911 provides professional water restoration services in southeastern PA, northern DE, and NJ, and we are available to address all your basement waterproofing needs.


What to Look For: 

Damp spots on walls, a bowing entryway or stairway, bulging walls, peeling paint, and dry rot along basement walls further confirm a diagnosis of water in a basement. A musty odor is another sign of dampness that should not be ignored. Occasional water or prolonged dampness in your basement are problems that require attention beyond opening windows or placing a dehumidifier. If not corrected, these issues can lead to structural damage and poor air quality.


Do not ignore these signs. They are serious, but they can be resolved with the right basement waterproofing solution.


Benefits of Basement Waterproofing


  • Good return on your investment, as it increases home value, in some cases by as much as 25%. People want to buy a home they know will be safe and dry, and that they won’t have to spend additional money to fix. Homes that have suffered basement water damage and not remediated the problem with waterproofing can be much harder to sell.

  • Prevents an infestation from mold. When you eliminate dampness, moisture, and humidity, you eliminate the environment where mold is likely to grow and thrive. Mold destroys items and structural elements and can lead to serious health concerns.

  • Lets you add living and storage space worry free. When your basement is dry, you feel more confident about finishing the area and turning it into another room, such as a playroom or office, or storing all types of personal belongings and paperwork without concern that it will attract dampness and mold.

  • Protects your home’s foundation by preventing water from permeating the walls and causing cracks that leak and spread.















How Does Water Get in My Basement?


Water can enter your basement a variety of ways: runoff from rainwater that seeps through cracks in concrete foundation walls, high water tables that push groundwater to swell, and condensation that forms on walls and floors because of temperature differences between the air and concrete surfaces.


Basement Waterproofing Options


The professionals at Construction Solutions 911 have the expertise and training to diagnose and repair all types of basement water problems. First, we determine the cause of the problem. We determine why and exactly where water enters your basement and, with that knowledge, provide the best waterproofing solution for the problem. We diagnose basement water problems with solutions whether your basement is finished or not.


  • Water from downspouts that soak directly into the earth and cause cracks in your basement foundation or driveway are indicative that the grading of the land around your home is not properly graded. By fixing the grading and directing water sources away from the house, the problem should be resolved. We patch and fill foundation cracks in the foundation using an epoxy sealant on walls and floors.

  • The installation of an exterior membrane and footing drain (channel) below the soil line to collect and direct water away is another option for remediating a grading problem. This type of waterproofing is usually done when a home is being built, although it can be done later on.

  • Installing a French drain inside your basement is, perhaps, the most effective waterproofing solution. We cut a channel at the point where interior basement walls and floor meet. We then lay a pipe in the channel to direct leaking water into a pit where a sump pump removes it to an outside location directed away from the house.


Construction Solutions 911 technicians are highly qualified and IICRC-certified. In addition, we use state of the art equipment and technology, so the job gets done to the latest industry standards. Our upfront estimate ensures so you know how we work and exactly what the job will cost.


Construction Solutions 911 professionals handle any type of basement waterproofing project thrown at them. Our technicians will properly and thoroughly waterproof your entire basement area, remove dampness and moisture, and eliminate musty smells and mold. With a clean and dry basement, you can finish it without worrying about future water damage, or use the space to store belongings and items worry free.


We are fully credentialed, licensed, bonded, and insured, and strive to always provide the highest quality basement waterproofing service in the Pennsylvania areas of the Poconos, the Main Line, and Berks, Bucks, Chester, and Montgomery Counties. We also serve New Jersey and northern Delaware. Call us today to learn more about our basement waterproofing solutions.

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