Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting – also known as CO2 blasting - is a safe, effective cleaning method that has a variety of commercial and residential applications. The dry ice blasting process is an alternative to sandblasting, but instead of rough abrasives, small pellets of dry ice are used. The dry ice vaporizes when it makes contact with a surface, and cleans the surface without damaging it or wearing it away.


Construction Solutions 911 offers dry ice blasting services for both home and business use. We are a construction, repair, and remediation company, and offer quality solutions for all of your needs. We serve the Main Line, the Poconos, Bucks, Berks, Chester, and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania, as well as New Jersey and northern Delaware. With our quick response time, we’re always eager to help solve any of your problems.


What Does Dry Ice Blasting Clean?


  • Industrial equipment – Dry ice blasting is safe to use on electrical parts and does not require the disassembly of large machinery, which makes the cleaning process in industrial settings faster and easier.

  • Mold – Dry ice blasting is a highly effective, non-toxic mold remediation technique that is 100% effective at killing and removing mold and musty smells, and eliminates the need to use the harsh cleaners used in traditional methods.

  • Fire-damaged surfaces and items – Including tough stains, soot, and smoke odor – can also be cleaned by dry ice blasting.

















If you’re struggling with a mold problem or facing clean up after a fire, dry ice blasting is one of the best, if not the best cleaning option on the market. You can trust in our CO2 blasting services to completely remove mold from your home or office and prevent future infestations. We even offer a lifetime warranty on our mold remediation services*. 


Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting


  • No secondary waste—Because the pellets turn to gas on impact, this dry process produces zero secondary waste. Only the mold particles and smoke residue that have been removed need to be cleaned up. This significantly reduces clean-up time and makes disposal much easier.

  • No chemicals or toxins—Cleaning solutions contain chemicals with toxins, which are dangerous for the inhabitants of your home or employees in your office. Dry ice blasting is a safe alternative without chemicals that is approved by the EPA, USDA, and FDA.

  • Faster—Without secondary waste or hazardous chemicals that require careful handling and clean up, dry ice blasting is much faster and easier than other mold and fire remediation methods.


Mold eradication benefits: Mold is a serious problem with drastic effects on the

structural integrity of a building. It can also pose health concerns for people and

pets. Traditional mold removal processes such as scrubbing and removing

mold from tight spaces is challenging, even for professionals. However, dry

ice blasting is a convenient way to remove mold because nozzles are used

to aim the dry ice and target specific areas. The process is quicker and

removes all the mold spores in even the smallest of cracks.


Fire remediation benefits: Compared to other fire remediation techniques like

sanding or scraping, dry ice blasting is better at removing toxic soot and

residue without damaging the original surface. Construction Solutions 911

experts use dry ice blasting to clean at any angle, even cleaning hard-to-reach

areas around nails, wires, and plumbing. The process also partially removes

stubborn smoky odors caused by the fire.


How Dry Ice Blasting Works


  1. Small dry ice pellets are blasted at the surface using compressed air. The power of the impact washes away dirt, smoke, mold, and odor.

  2. When dry ice makes contact with the surface, the extremely cold temperature (-109°F) forces dirt, mold, or soot molecules to freeze and shrink. During this phase, the molecules are loosened from the surface.

  3. The dry ice immediately vaporizes into carbon dioxide, and the molecules expand as they go from a solid to a gas form. During expansion, contaminants are pushed from behind and forced off the surface, effectively washing away all residue and mold.

  4. Mold spores are removed from the atmosphere with air filters.


Dry ice blasting is a less invasive and more efficient solution for fire damage cleanup and mold remediation. At Construction Solutions 911, our skilled team is trained and ready to handle even the toughest mold and fire damage situations. Contact us today to see if dry ice blasting is the best solution for your mold remediation, fire-damage, or other cleaning needs.


*Lifetime warranty on mold remediation services applies as long as conditions are not compromised.

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