Fire Restoration

When fires occur, the personal or commercial losses and damage can be extensive. Though you may be tempted to get the cleanup process going quickly, don’t do it alone. The work involved in recovering from a fire is not only difficult, but it’s dangerous. Call a professional fire damage restoration company - one with the expertise and experience to take care of the cleanup and restoration safely, thoroughly, and properly.


The experts at Construction Solutions 911 can help. We are a professional fire and water damage restoration company, and understand the extent of damage and trauma that can be caused by fire. Our professionals are available to handle any type of fire damage restoration job. We work to salvage as much of your property as possible while always being sensitive to your needs.

Did you know that the water used to put out a fire can cause similar and sometimes worse damage than caused by the actual fire? Contents such as carpeting, flooring, furniture, walls, window treatments and more absorb the water and chemical agents used to extinguish the fire.


When assessing damage, we take into account the following:


  • Fire classification as electrical or based on what was consumed - paper, trash, oil, gasoline, metal, or grease

  • Temperature of the fire

  • Amount of time passed before cleanup

  • Extent of damage caused by the fire and by the water or chemicals used to extinguish the fire

  • Level of smoke penetration and resulting damage

  • Condition of the property contents if, in fact, they are salvageable


Construction 911 Fire Damage Restoration Process


As soon as the fire officials say the property is safe to enter, we get to work. Our comprehensive restoration process includes:

  1. Assessment - We fully assess the damage caused by fire, water, and smoke to determine the full extent of the cleanup and restoration needed.

  2. Board-up and roof covering services – We place protective barriers as needed to protect your home or commercial property from further damage from the weather and from vandalism.

  3. Salvage and clean contents – We work closely with you to identify items to be salvaged, and set them safely aside for cleaning and restoration.

  4. Removal of debris - We properly dispose of all debris and items that cannot be salvaged.

  5. Cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing - We fully clean, sanitize, and deodorize all areas and structural components damaged by fire, water, and smoke: floors and carpets, walls and ceilings, furniture, fixtures, electronics, appliances, etc. To ensure your safety, we use only approved restoration methods and equipment, including professional-grade detergents and antimicrobials

  6. Complete water removal and drying – Our truck-mounted equipment first extracts standing water. Next, our professional-grade drying equipment eliminates dampness and humidity so no residual moisture remains that could lead to mold and mildew.

  7. Repair and renovation - We provide the resources to reconstruct any part of your property that has sustained fire damage, so you deal with just one contractor.

  8. Coordination of insurance claim – We work with your insurance adjuster in the facilitation of your claim.


At Construction Solutions 911, the customer is the number one priority. Because of this, our service area covers southeastern Pennsylvania, Berks County and the Poconos, New Jersey, and northern Delaware.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and our fire damage restoration technicians are highly trained and professional.

If you sustain a fire at your home or commercial property, call Construction 911 right away. You can trust our experts to fully restore your home or business to its safe, clean, pre-fire-damage condition as quickly as possible.

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