LEED Certified 

Homes and businesses today are ever more interested in green and sustainable building practices. Through LEED Certification, commercial and residential buildings can be formally recognized and designated as being resource and energy efficient. LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – provides certifications based on four levels of sustainability achieved in terms of how buildings are planned, built, operated, and maintained.


A LEED-certified building is efficient in terms of the resources used. For example, a LEED-certified building uses less water and energy, emits less greenhouse gas, and is cost effective in terms of decreased utility costs and increased overall value. Those who live or work in a LEED-certified building enjoy a healthier environment, and feel their experience in general is enhanced.


Construction Solutions 911 provides professional consulting services relating to LEED ratings and certification in the area of building design and construction. Our consulting services cover a gamut of residential and commercial building types and needs, including new construction and major renovation.


Areas included in Construction Solutions 911 LEED consulting services:

  • Changes to building envelope and interior renovation

  • HVAC improvements

  • Development of building core and shell


If you are interested in learning more about how to design and build a home or business that is more green and sustainable, call Construction Solutions 911 today. We are available southeastern Pennsylvania, Berks County, the Poconos, New Jersey, and northern Delaware.

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