Mold Remediation 

A musty odor or dark, damp areas on the walls, floors, or ceilings of your residential or commercial property are probable signs of a mold problem. Once a mold infestation occurs, the effects can permeate your home or business, and cause structural damage, ruin personal belongings, and endanger the health of inhabitants. Mold infestation is a serious problem that requires immediate attention – one that should be handled by trained professionals with the expertise to address the problem safely, properly, and thoroughly.


Construction Solutions offers mold remediation and restoration services for commercial and residential properties. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured, and have the knowledge and expertise to properly locate and permanently eradicate mold. We rely on dry ice blasting, also known as CO2 blasting, for most mold problems, due to its 100% effectiveness and nontoxicity.


If you suspect a mold problem, call the trained experts at Construction Solutions immediately. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our 24/7 availability throughout southeastern Pennsylvania, Berks County and the Poconos, New Jersey, and northern Delaware. We’ll assess the damage and return your home or business to a safe, mold-free environment as soon as possible.


Dangers and Signs of Mold

Mold feeds on moisture, so the main cause of mold growth indoors is water damage. Damp areas from floods, burst pipes, or roof leaks create ideal conditions for mold growth, and it takes as little as 24–48 hours after exposure to water for mold to appear. Left untreated, you’ll face two main dangers of mold in your home or office:

  • Permanent structural damage—Mold eats away at the material in walls, ceilings, and floors. This results in permanent damage to the structure of the building and expensive repairs.

  • Health concerns—Asthma, allergies, and respiratory and skin issues are the main side effects of mold. In severe cases when black mold is present, you can experience headaches, dizziness, and memory loss from breathing the toxins. Children are often most susceptible to the negative effects of mold. 

















To avoid these dangers, it’s important to address mold problems as soon as you suspect an issue.


Common signs of mold include:

  • Musty odor

  • Dark areas on walls, floors, and ceilings

  • Visible damp areas

  • Allergies and respiratory problems that get worse or don’t go away


Delaying mold remediation and restoration is not worth the health risks to children and other family members, pets, or employees. The specially trained technicians at Construction Solutions work to stop the growth of mold and fully clean and eradicate it from your home or office.


Mold Remediation and Restoration Process

Construction Solution experts are trained in specific mold remediation techniques. We have special gear and equipment and take proper precautions to safely remove mold. Let us take care of the damage and return your home or business and belongings to their mold-free condition.


Our process includes the following steps:

  1. Assess—In the assessment phase, we determine what areas of the property are affected and the extent of the damage. Based on the assessment, we develop the best solution for removing the mold.  

  2. Inspect—Once we understand the extent of the situation, we examine the entire property for a better understanding of where the mold has spread. The inspection includes thoroughly checking and testing for mold in moisture-prone areas like basements as well as all floors, walls, windows, pipes, ducts, and furniture.

  3. Dehumidify—Eliminating the source of the mold growth ensures it doesn’t come back, so we remove moisture by drying out the property. This may involve ventilating rooms, insulating walls, and installing fans.

  4. Remove and Sanitize—The main step in the process is cleaning the infested area to kill and remove the mold and eliminate musty odors. We use the highly effective and completely safe process known as dry ice blasting.


You can trust Construction Solutions to get the job done right because we pride ourselves on customer service. We pay attention to every detail and treat your living or work space as if it were our own.


An infestation from mold is a serious problem that presents construction and health concerns that should not be ignored. Professional treatment is required to completely remove mold and prevent regrowth. If your commercial or residential property has a mold problem, call Construction Solutions for mold remediation and restoration services. We’ll assess your mold situation and provide the best possible solution for restoring your home or business to its pre-mold-damage condition.


PRO-LAB Air Quality test:


Our air test includes two samples. One sample from within the home and one sample from outside of the home which serves as a control sample. The test will compare the inside sample to the outside sample to identify elevated, non-elevated, unusual and normal limits within the home. Our test is able to identify eleven separate mold spores as well as pollen and cellulose fibers.


The samples will be shipped to the lab for quality testing and the results will be emailed to you within seven business days. 


Download the PDF to see an example of a test sheet       Give us a call today at 484-393-2911 to schedule your free estimate.


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