Roughcasting is a well-known method of finishing building exteriors. It is a durable solution that can enhance the design of a home or business, protect the external walls of the property from harsh weather conditions, and serve as an additional layer of insulation. Roughcasting also provides a beneficial use on the inside of a building, as a great solution for keeping moisture out of the basement.


Construction Solutions 911 provides roughcasting services for both commercial and residential applications. With our attention to detail and the highest level of customer service available, our customers are satisfied in every area we serve southeastern Pennsylvania, Berks County, the Poconos, New Jersey, and northern Delaware.


Roughcasting for Exterior Walls


Roughcasting on exterior walls made of brick, cement, or stone can enhance both its looks and strength. A common roughcasting process for exterior walls involves mixing small pebbles or gravel with plaster that is then smoothed over the wall. This creates a durable finish that protects from water penetrating and never fades.


Many older homes have solid external walls. These lack the interior space that holds insulation and keep the house warm during the winter and cool in the summer. As a result, these homes are expensive to heat and cool and are not energy efficient. Adding an exterior finish with roughcasting reduces energy costs and energy consumption. Best of all, roughcasting for exterior walls can last up to 20 years.

Roughcasting for Interior Foundation Walls


When applied to the interior of foundation walls, roughcasting is an effective solution for eliminating moisture in a basement. A damp basement can lead to structural damage and unhealthy mold. Roughcasting serves as a waterproofing system applied to the walls and can be configured to align with an existing French drain for added moisture protection.


Roughcasting permanently seals the interior foundation walls and solves the problem of too much moisture, structural damage, and mold. Construction Solutions 911 offers roughcasting services to transform your damp basement into a dry, airtight environment.


Construction Solutions 911 Interior Roughcasting Process


The roughcasting process consists of several steps to ensure a waterproof interior foundation. Construction Solutions 911 professionals communicate the details of the process with you every step of the way so you know exactly what to expect.


  1. The first step is to sand down the walls to a level surface, which makes them easier to work with and produce a stronger waterproof seal.

  2. Next a vapor barrier, which is similar to a plastic tarp, is applied to the walls. The barrier keeps moisture, mold, and bacteria out so the inside walls stay dry and strong.

  3. As an extra level of protection, wire mesh is fastened on top of the vapor barrier.

  4. A mortar mixture is applied in two coats over the vapor barrier and wire mesh, and remaining cracks are filled in.

  5. The finishing coat is applied and aesthetic retouches are made if necessary.

  6. After about a month, the walls can be painted over.


Whether you are building new or looking to renovate or enhance your existing property, consider roughcasting as a worthwhile investment for interior and exterior finishing purposes. Construction Solutions 911 makes the whole process convenient and easy. Give us a call today, and we’ll discuss all your roughcasting options for inside and outside applications.

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