Smoke Odor Removal 

Construction Solutions 911 is a professional fire- and smoke-damage cleanup company covering areas such as southeastern Pennsylvania, Berks County and the Poconos, New Jersey, and northern Delaware. Fire damage is bad enough, but secondary damage from smoke odor adds insult to injury. Get the proper help that your damaged home or business needs. Our team of determined experts will have smoke and fire-damaged walls looking like new!



What’s the Next Step?


Once the fire at your home or commercial property has been put out, the next problem you’ll need to deal with is the damage that occurs from the smoke. Smoke odor and residue settle in and linger in walls and floors, carpets and drapes, furniture, fixtures, and more. Regardless of how small the fire was or how quickly it was put out, residual smoke can permeate the entire environment. These after-effects from a fire can cause people to become nauseous and sick with headaches or other symptoms, and even force them to temporarily vacate, which leaves your home or business operations in total upheaval.


Once the firefighters have gone and given the okay to re-enter the property, it is only natural to want all signs of fire and smoke damage gone as quickly as possible. Some people attempt the cleanup process themselves, using products bought at the local home improvement store. Store-bought smoke cleanup solutions may mask smoke odor, but they work only temporarily and don’t stop or eliminate the odor at its source. To clean smoke deposits and eliminate smoke odor completely, professional help is necessary.


The experts at Construction Solutions 911 are licensed, bonded, and insured, and we take care to provide the highest-quality service possible. When the Construction Solutions 911 technicians determine what is needed to safely and expertly remove smoke odor, they go right to work. They treat your belongings and property with care and leave your home or business property smelling clean and fresh.


How Construction 911 Removes Smoke Odor  

  • Assess damage – We first assess the smoke damage caused by a fire to determine the full extent of the cleanup and restoration needed, inside and out.

  • Identify damaged property – In collaboration with you, we identify and inventory smoke-damaged items that require cleaning and restoration. We may suggest non-damaged items be removed during the smoke-odor removal process to eliminate the potential for them to absorb smoke particles.

  • Dispose of non-salvageable items – We remove and properly dispose of items that are too damaged to be repaired.

  • Clean, sanitize, and disinfect – Using state-of-the-art equipment and safe, professional-grade solutions, we clean every surface: floors, ceiling, windows, woodwork, walls, ceiling fans, light fixtures, mirrors, etc. Once we confirm smoke odor has been thoroughly eliminated, we sanitize and deodorize the affected area to ensure you return to a safe, clean environment.

•    Clean, sanitize, and disinfect air vents and the HVAC system – A necessary step in the process so smoke particles that landed in                      ducts and systems will not be blown out into the environment for you to breathe in.

•    Clean, sanitize, and disinfect the exterior – We don’t stop at the front door. Our smoke-odor removal process is comprehensive in                      that we also clean exterior siding and windows, decks, driveways – whatever needs cleaning- to completely remove all smoke particles           from your property.

  • Defog and neutralize – To neutralize the smoke odor, we close off and defog the affected area or use other safe techniques to completely eliminate the odor from the air.

  • Repair and renovate your property – If your property has sustained damage, we can handle all necessary repair and renovation work to your specifications – to save you the time and trouble of having to deal with multiple contractors.


And, we facilitate the insurance claims process by working directly with your insurance provider to help you get the maximum insurance settlement possible.

For the safest, most effective results, Construction Solutions 911 is the professional smoke odor removal company you need. Call us before the problem gets any worse. We understand what it takes, and work to your complete satisfaction. We’ll do whatever it takes to remove all signs of smoke odor from every corner of your property.

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